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European Future Label

Vocational preparation concept JobbRedo

Towards your next job, for the first time or again


The programs within the JobbRedo concept are built from two directions: the wishes of the business community and the individual's self-interest, then in a form that can almost be compared to a study circle. With the help of the wishes of the business community, European Future Label designs various vocational preparation programs with competence requirements set by members as clear minimum requirements for the student to be employable. 

The courses and programs are generally shorter than usual studies. This is conscious and European Future Labels the focus is on creating an interest in the student in order to then be able to decide whether he or she is suitable or not. The actual training and introduction takes place, as always, best in a real environment, ie with the employer, where one of our counterclaims for the members is to provide internships for the school's students. 

The courses are also shorter due to the fact that the business community generally has different skills needs depending on where in the country they are located, but also because the foresight is usually quite short. Generally, the courses within JobbRedo are up to six months, but some can last for up to two years. 

For the student, there is the opportunity to through a vocational training and gain a foothold in the labor market. Therefore, parts of JobbRedo are based on learning how to write a CV, how to present yourself and how to build your own brand even if you have just left high school. This is something that to some extent goes into the sister concept FramtidsRedo, but we think that they complement each other well in many aspects.

Description of the concept

"Vocational preparation" is a good word to describe the concept. It is a waste of time many times to spend several years on education that in many cases is not used in practice later in life. On the other hand, it is important for lifelong learning to always be open to new knowledge, but within JobbRedo it is about finding the right keys so that the participants or students can have a job and support themselves, preferably within six months. It should not matter if you have language challenges, functional variations or no previous work experience, but it is what you can achieve in a workplace that will determine whether you get the job or not. The JobbRedo concept, together with members of the European Social Label, will develop just this and create new jobs for as many people as possible.