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European Future Label

European educational activities with students and small businesses in focus for a more inclusive and equal society.

An activity within the EUSL Gruppen division 
A cabinet within the World Future Label 
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European Future Label An introduction

The European Future Label, EUFL, is a European organization whose focus is on education and development of the individual as well as helping small and medium-sized enterprises to find project funding. The business has a strong connection to the business community. European Future Label is part of the EUSL Group which is one of four divisions within the European Social Label. Common is a focus on business issues to create a better and more inclusive society.

Our programs For an inclusive society

Euopean Future Label has created the three educational concepts FramtidsRedo, JobbRedo and Social Green House. The concepts are carefully prepared together with members of the European Social Label and its members to create as relevant programs as possible and they are also continuously updated to always be current.

Community preparation program FramtidsRedo

Vocational preparation program

The Entrepreneurship Program
Social Green House

Folkhögskolan FramtidsRedo

The vocational preparatory folk high school

The European Future Label has submitted an application to the Folkbildningsrådet to become a state grant recipient for performing folkbildning. In addition to the usual folkbildning, we add our concepts FramtidsRedo as well as JobbRedo and Social Green House to put a personal touch on the business. The folk high school, if approved, will be able to offer housing on site and be a given part of the larger project EUOS - Europe, Our Society - which is the basis for tomorrow's equal and inclusive society. 

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Negligible support for small businesses

EU support in the form of consultancy checks to develop your business, often towards digitalisation, a green transition or internationalization.

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EU-funded support for major and transnational projects

Get help finding EU-funded support for your business. Great focus is the restart after Covid-19, changeover processes for notified and terminated staff, major projects that have an international market and the like. It is also important that the projects have horizontal values with them. 


EUSL Group

The EUSL Group, of which the European Future Label is a part, is the engine of the European Social Label, where the goal is to create a new ecosystem for certain issues that have hitherto been tax-financed. These are in particular social inclusion, gender equality, diversity and to some extent green issues. The EUSL Group works to enable small businesses in particular to be more involved in this important adjustment process, and education is a crucial factor that also makes the existence of the European Future Labels justified.

Contact Us

We are interested in getting in touch with you as a potential student for one of our programs! We are also interested in getting in touch with you entrepreneurs who think long-term and can see your future skills needs. Together we sit down to create the employees of the future!