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European Future Label


A concept for entering Swedish society


In many cases, exclusion and integration are about tolerating differences. When that does not work, we get a segregated society with great differences that are often the basis for misunderstandings and which sometimes result in hatred and violence. FramtidsRedo is an overall concept where the focus is on informing and educating within what is abnormal for someone can be the normal for someone else.

The basis of the Swedish version of FramtidsRedo is classical social studies; Why you should pay taxes, everyone's equal value, obligations and opportunities. The school also puts in basic high school competencies, SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) and we top with profiling of the individual and study visits to the business community. 

Conversely, FramtidsRedo also offers training for established people and companies on what it means to work and live with people who have functional variations, post-traumatic syndromes or cultural differences. For this individual, it means being challenged to think new and see things from several perspectives.

The goal for both is to create understanding for each other and see the opportunities offered when new people meet. Furthermore, the goal is to lay the foundation for what tomorrow's society may look like. 

Description of the concept

"Integrating society" is a good word to describe FramtidsRedo. On a personal level, FramtidsRedo is about getting ready for the future. It is about learning a new language or other studies to supplement already existing skills so that you can be employed by a new employer. Throughout, there is a close relationship with members of the European Social Label so that the participants or students constantly feel that there is something after the studies and that they do not do something that then does not lead to anything more.