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negligible aid

European Future Label

Negligible support for small businesses

We help you write applications to your local regional association


Negligible support is an EU regulation that allows small businesses to apply for support in certain thematic areas. It is most often about green transition, digitalisation and internationalization. In many cases, it can also be local adaptations with several other types of calls. It is the local regional associations that support the small businesses in these and in most cases they can join between 20% and 80%, depending on the focus. As an entrepreneur, you can apply for up to SEK 1,800,000 over a 36-month period.

It may seem a bit obscure that the European Future Label also assists in discussions with authorities about employer support and wage subsidies for members of the European Social Label if desired. 

The application process

Contact us on the form below and tell us a little about your company, where it is and what you would need help with. We provide feedback with some follow-up questions and then we start with the application itself. From an initial contact to the submitted application, it should not take more than five effective working days, provided that what you want to apply for is relatively easy to describe in text. It is important to note that it is from a regional perspective that the applications are written, ie what does the region gain from investing in your activities. 

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