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European Future Label

Project support for the EU and transnational projects

Restart after Covid-19, projects that change the world - everything is possible in this mode


Money is the oxygen of every business. Without oxygen we die. These are simple facts and sometimes it's not just about 'selling more' it works out. The EU has its various investment funds, the EIB and the EIF, as well as the newly launched React program, which is intended to restart the EU after Covid-19. Within these different programs, there are good opportunities if you have a great business idea to really ensure that you can carry out your dream project. In several cases, it is a matter of making a long-term investment that can start with a small application for negligible support, then a larger application for a feasibility study and finally a large application to carry out the project itself. Many times it is also very interesting if you have, or want, another international partner. Transnational cooperation is something that the EU is really focusing on at present. Actually, there is no upper limit on how much you can apply for, but it is more about being able to justify it and show where the money should go. 

The application process

A typical application here is often in the multi-million class where of a simple form is rarely possible. Therefore, it is recommended to provide a description of your company, where the company is located and what you want to achieve. Based on that, we take one or more unconditional conversations to discuss the best alternatives. It is often a mix of consulting checks and other small business support that is then accumulated up to a larger application. Impact goals and budget will be two extremely important things to keep an eye on. If you need help with this, we can produce this as well.